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11 Oct, 2022
Desktop IT all employees celebrate MD sir's birthday

On 11th October, 2022 we celebrated our "super" MD sir's birthday. Desktop IT Team surprised MD Khaza Khaled on this special day. The ambiance of the office cherished his presence. Everyone shared their humble stories of his impact on them. We wish you amazing years ahead!

On the occasion of our MD's birthday, all employees at Desktop IT came together to celebrate and show their appreciation for his leadership and dedication to the company. The day was filled with joy and laughter as we all took time to reflect on the impact he has had on our lives and work.

We started the day with a special breakfast in his honor, where we all had the chance to share our well wishes and give him cards and gifts. Our MD sir was touched by the outpouring of love and gratitude, and he thanked us for making the company such a great place to work.

As the day went on, we participated in a variety of activities and events to celebrate our MD's special day. We played games, enjoyed a delicious lunch, and even held a surprise party in the evening. It was a day that none of us will forget, and we are grateful for the opportunity to show our appreciation for all that our MD sir does for us.

Overall, it was a wonderful day of celebration and joy, and we are thankful to have such a wonderful leader in our MD. We hope that he had a birthday that was as special as he is to all of us at Desktop IT.

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Aminul Islam

We are celebrate our MD sir birthday. We enjoy a lot!

Reply 9 h ago

Thank you Aminul.

Reply 5 h ago
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Thank you everyone.

Reply 3 h ago

Welcome sir.

Reply 2 h ago
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